Frammenti di Sicilia

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“Frammenti di Sicilia” is my first book and covers three different Sicily aspects, observed between Air, Earth and Water. The first project in the book focuses on the contradictory relationship between man and Nature. Refinery warmth is the attraction for millions of birds and industrial chemnays, symbol of chemical waste, become suddenly a refugee. Other lives, gestures, expressions in the second project, where men are the main subject in an ancient world, still alive. A the boundaries of the Earth, at the “South of the South” the only life remains the sea and the ones of the fantastic creatures created by the photographer point of view.

The introductions are by Irene Giuffrida, Franco De Grazia and Ninfa Leotta. The book, 40 pages in total, has a hard cover and it is available, using PAYPAL – click here.

Feel free to enquire us for further information about the book.
The small video below shows the book.

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