45 Days (Covid-19)

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April, 24th, 2020. It’s now day 45 of my lockdown.

COVID-19 in Sicily has been, so far, not particularly deadly. As of today, in my region, 2.926 positive cases and 213 deaths. Comparing to other regions in Italy, such as Lombardy where, daily, the deaths count is higher, here is like heaven. Life, nevertheless, has been suspended: a bless for a region with a weak health care system.

Sicily has been always appeared to me as Suspended between past and present, with it’s ancients and contemporary ruins.In these days, the suspension is total: people as landscapes and buildings. In my few wanderings, mostly for work reasons, I looked at balconies, the skies above them, windows, walls and closed doors. Fences of our homes, shields against the invisible enemy.

Seeking for traces of lives trapped inside and finding, sometimes, people waiting. Perhaps waiting for me.

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