Italy in Motion, 8 Marzo – 23 Giugno 2013, Miami, USA

My work SIMULACRA has been selected for the exhibition “Italy in Motion”, at the Coral Gables Museum in MIAMI, Florida, USA. I’ll be attending the vernissage on March 8th and will speak about my work on Saturday, 9th at 4pm.


Italy in Motion
curated by Chloe Chelz
March 8 – June 23, 2013 in the Robert and Marian Fewell Gallery

The Vespa scooter. Few objects represent Italy with such immediacy, communicating both the boom in industrial production that would lift a generation of Italians out of post-war poverty, while also representing a romantic dream of the country to an American audience captured by Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck’s characters in the film Roman Holiday (1953). Translated as “wasp” in Italian for its distinctive shape and sound, the Vespa has retained its popularity as both a practical mode of transportation and an object that has inspired and influenced successive generations of both Italian and American consumers and tastemakers.

Throughout the twentieth century, Italian design and the phrase “Made in Italy” developed a particular kind of significance – that of quality, sophistication and above all, elegance – which continues to resonate today. The exhibition Italy in Motion, curated by Chloe Chelz, focuses on design and mobility, employing the overlapping themes of Style, Velocity and Identity. As objects of material culture, cars, motorcycles, scooters and bicycles as well as historical and contemporary photographs illustrate how the country’s design legacies have transcended function to become defining symbols of both industry and imagination.

Italy in Motion opens March 8 in the Museum’s Robert and Marian Fewell Gallery.

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