The Metamorphosis of the Stars on Cities 12

I am one of the authors of “Cities 12,” with the work “The Metamorphosis of the Stars”, a volume curated by Angelo Cucchetto, Michele Di Donato, Fabiola Di Maggio, Attilio Lauria, and Sonia Pampuri.

You can purchase print copies of Cities for any country, buy the pack of all Cities PDFs from issue 1 to 12, and download the FREE PDF of Cities 12?!

Cities 12 authors: Yalda Moaiery, Massimo Cristaldi, Giuseppe Cardoni, Massimiliano Faralli, Eduardo Asenjo Matus, Mario Mencacci, Julie Hrudova, Salvatore Matarazzo, Aananda Antahleen, Francesco Verolino, Roberto di Patrizi.

VISIT the updated presentation section of CITIES at and make your choice!

The excerpt of “Metamorphosis” alone is available for download here.

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