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As a great fan of motorcycles (and a long time motorcyclist myself) and of MotoGP I’ve been really shocked for days after the death of Marco Simoncelli. I still think often to him. During the 2011 MotoGP race in Misano, on September 4th, Marco arrived 4th after a big fight with Andrea Dovizioso. I was there enjoying, supporting the Italian drivers (Marco was the 1st amongst them) and taking photographs.
Reviewing the photos of that day I put together a short collection of my best shots of Marco, with the long hair visible behind the helmet. Amongst these photographs there is an ‘hello’ between Marco and a supporter sat before me. So this is the way I want to remember Marco Simoncelli, world champion of my heart, this year.

marco-simoncelli-by-massimo-cristaldi-1 marco-simoncelli-by-massimo-cristaldi-2 marco-simoncelli-by-massimo-cristaldi-3 marco-simoncelli-by-massimo-cristaldi-4 marco-simoncelli-by-massimo-cristaldi-5 marco-simoncelli-by-massimo-cristaldi-hello-marco

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