Black & White Spider Awards 2008

[lang_all][/lang_all][lang_en]The Spider Awards has yesterday announced the list of nominees, honorable mentions and winners. I’m glad to communicate that the jury has nominated my shots “Ground Zero” (nomination in Architecture and in Photojournalism) and “The Politician” (nomination in People). Nominated images will be exhibited at the Spider Awards official Winners & Nominees Gallery reviewed by creatives worldwide.

Black and White Spider Awards is an organization for the advancement of black and white photography. Their aim is to bring photographers from all corners of the globe together with leading industry figures to participate in a unique annual celebration of this classic art-form. By selecting the best eyes in the industry to judge and jury the most expressive and creative photographs, The Spider Awards hopes to inject a fresh artistic vision into the world of photography honors.

The list of Jurors is  reported hereafter:
[/lang_en] [lang_it] Gli Spider Awards hanno annunciato ieri la lista di nomination, mensioni d’onore e vincitori. Sono felice di comunicare che la giuria ha selezionato i miei scatti “Ground Zero” (nomination in Architetture e Fotogiornalismo) e “Il Politico” (nomination in People).
Il premio, uno dei più prestigiosi riconoscimenti nell’ambito della fotografia in bianco e nero, raccoglie e promuove il meglio della fotografia in Bianco e Nero a livello mondiale.

La lista dei giurati è riportata di seguito:
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Juliet Hacking, Program DirectorSotheby’s Institute of Art, London
Andrea de Polo Fratelli Alinari Museum, Florence
David Clarke, Head of Photography Tate Gallery, London
David Heffel, President Heffel Fine Art Auction House, Canada
Rebecca Bedrossian, Managing Editor Communication Arts Magazine
Filippo Tattoni-Marcozzi, CuratorGoss-Michael Foundation, Dallas
Phil Harris, Chairman ILFORD PHOTO, UK
Darren Ching, Creative Director Photo District News (PDN)
Anita Dammer, Editor-in-Chief Photo Life Magazine, Canada
Adriaan Van der Have, Founder TORCH Gallery, Amsterdam
Roger Szmulewicz, FounderFifty One Gallery, Belgium
Julian Watt, Former President ACMP, Australia
Martha Takayama, DirectorT epper Takayama Fine Arts, Boston
Andrea Hinteregger, Director Artrepco, Zürich
Sandra Byron, Curator & Director Byron McMahon Gallery, Sydney
Roger SonnewaldJ.J. Heckenhauer Galerie, Berlin
Aleksandra Flora, Former Rep.VII Photo Agency, New York
Jurriaan Van Kranendonk, Van Kranendonk Gallery, The Hague
EVE Photographers, International Photography Collective
Conrad Hechter, Correspondent Studio Magazines, Australia
Michael Fulks, Publisher Apogee Photo Magazine
Jason Boa, President NZIPP, New Zealand
Cliff Li, Former Director Leica Photo Gallery, São Paulo
Vaughan Judge, Head Fine Art Glasgow School of Art, Scotland
Alexis Gerard, President Future Image
Kristin Hauksdóttir, Head of Collection Reykjavik Museum Photography, Iceland
Marty Weiss, Founder Meter Gallery, New York
Juana de Aizpuru, Founder Galeria Juana De Aizpuru, Madrid
Rocco Piscatello, Founder Piscatello Design Centre, New York
Dr.Johannes Pernkopf, Founder Galerie Pernkopf, Berlin
Baudoin Lebon, Founder Galerie Baudoin Lebon, Paris

PDF of Architectural Nominees

PDF of Photojournalism Nominees

PDF of People Nominees


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