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Starting in June 2012, with a rich calendar of dates, The Visual Experience launches it’s program of Workshops. The Visual Experience is a new concept of learning founded by myself and a group of international teachers, professional and fine-art photographers and curators who have decided to create an environment where the technical aspects of photography are continually associated with the more decisive questions of visual culture. The real objective of the founders is to turn people into image-thinkers as well as image-makers. With courses in English or Italian (and future courses in French and Spanish), between Milan, Rome and Sicily (with planned workshops also in other cities including one on the French Atlantic Coast), with four levels of instruction from beginners to pro level and dealing with subjects as varied as Night Photography, Photography and Social Media, Semiotics and Visual Culture to the exciting transition from still to motion imagery with DSRL Full HD, The Visual Experience offers a new approach to the learning experience.  Thanks to its staff of international teachers, photographers, curators and web designers, The Visual Experience offers through workshops, essays and its web presence a continuing dialogue with anyone interested in photography and video production. Before, during and after any workshop experience, all are invited to reflect on the cultural and mental questions which give images their meaning. The Visual Experience is even open to creating workshops in locations and on dates suggested by the visitors to their web site.
The first workshop will be on Night Photography with Wireless Flash in Catania, Sicily. That will immediately be followed by a fascinating workshop in Milan on Social Media, Web & Photography, followed by three days of full immersion in questions of Semiotics and Visual Culture with Edward Rozzo and Massimo Cristaldi in Sicily, at the end of June. This last workshop will be offered again at the end of August.

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