Ocoloy, April 2015

Massimo Cristaldi Essays

My Ocoloy for April has been partially tampered by my broken(!) Ricoh. Yes, it stopped working so I had to send it back for fixing. Hence, in April, I really missed it. Fewer shots in this month, some of them taken with Sony A7r+35mm. Indeed, it was fun for a number of reasons. I love shooting at night and hence April OCOLOY was, somehow, a tribute to my night photography. And: yes, even if it is a small camera, having the Sony A7r instead of the RICOH makes you appreciate how really small and handy is the Ricoh.

You may look at my ramblings about my first six months with the RICOH here. It’s in Italian but you may use this translated version, where Google made quite a decent job but some small and funny “interpretation”.