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[lang_en] Miguel Garcia-Guzman, editor of Exposure Compensation, one of the fine art photography blogs I normally read, has just posted about my new project Refinery Again.
Miguel writes:
[/lang_en] [lang_it] Miguel Garcia-Guzman, autore di Exposure Compensation, uno dei blog dedicati alla fotografia fine art che leggo normalmente, ha  appena dedicato un articolo al mio nuovo progetto Refinery Again.

Miguel scrive:

Few months ago I had the opportunity to see the work of Massimo Cristaldi. Of the various portfolios at his wesbite the one that particularly caught my attention was “Refinery”. Just recently Massimo has expanded this series to few additional images, that you can find under the link to new projects with the title “Refinery Again”. This is a nice and unique series with beautiful light, showing the contrast of textures and patterns created by the refinery and large groups of birds in migration. The shapes that the birds create are quite remarkable.


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