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OCOLOY: the genesis and the results… So here is what we did: I brought into Sikanie the idea of a One Camera, One Lens, One Year project back in January this year. Not too much original, indeed, it’s a typical personal project to get your mind active and committed towards photography. My direct inspiration was Mike Johnston proposal. Our declination was: use one single camera, one single lens, shoot 2 rolls of “film” or digital exposures per week (circa 300 shots in a month) and print just 8. BUT then, and here it comes the “original bit”, we had a group meeting every month to discuss about those photographs. Put them all on the floor, touch them, feel, for real, face to face, not in the virtual world. And, little by little, start editing them, just six of them, for a collective show in the frame of our local photography festival, Med Photo 2015.

So, even if the year is not jet over, we were brave enough to present our collective show together. Yesterday we opened it, and it was a good success of public and of critics. We had the great support of Pippo Pappalardo, one of the most fabulous photography critic you may find in Italy (and beyond) and the visit of Mario Cresci, one of the great masters of Italian photography.

This video, realised by Domenico Fabiano, tells, in brief, our OCOLOY process with the final selection.

The resulting photographs are visible here.

Cammarata Carpenzano Castro
A_Fera_o_luni_-_Catania ocoloyEmaFeb15_002 03_mezzo_di_trasporto_attraverso_le_stelle_Untitled_furci_maggio_2015_alberto_castro
Cristaldi Fabiano Lantino
24-The_Thames__March_2014 Inner_roads 5_-_Francesco_Lantino_-_New_Life
Lanza Pagano Privitera
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Contrada_Giunchetto_Aprile_2015_Giuseppe_Pagano OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And now, we’ll go till the end of the year and verify again how far this experience will bring us, as single photographer and as group.

Update: Ocoloy on The Online Photographer and on Petapixel.com

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