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La Lettre de la Photographie publishes today an article on Agence Revelateur Group exhibition in Paris.
Featuring six “quadriptychs” and three self-portraits, the exhibition Je & un autre is a work in progress that combines the representation of the other and his or her own apprehension of themself.
Fifteen artists from the Révélateur agency collaborated for this series. Twelve photographers worked in groups of two. Three others concentrated on self-portrait. Each group was free to interpret the rules of this exercise. The only constraint was that they had to adapt their work to the exhibition space.

Each photographer took one self-portrait and another of his or her teammate in the same spirit, using the same process. Playful and introspective, this dual exercise stimulates artistic collaboration, making it tangible, and also pointing to its difficulty. It explores issues of intimacy and otherness, highlighting self-expression in the portrait of the other, and sometimes, paradoxically, the avoidance of the other in the self-portrait.

The exhibition gave these artists the opportunity to play with codes of pictorial representation and self-representation. Je & Un Autre is an experimental playground where the techniques and processes specific to each artist face off, and all with the challenge of language, remoteness, and the possibility of the virtual.

Photographers :
Yann Amstutz / Gilles Picarel
Sabrina Biancuzzi / Franck Landron
Erick Derac / Claudia Vialaret
Damien Guillaume / Isa Marcelli
Zaida Kersten / Bénédicte Lassalle
Estelle Lagarde / Karine Pelgrims
And Massimo Cristaldi, Sang-­Hyun Hong, Christophe Mauberret

Je & un autre
Group Exhibition
From October 31st to December 1st, 2012
L’Etoile du Nord
16, rue Georgette Agutte
75018 Paris – France
T : 01 42 26 47 47
Monday – Friday 2pm – 6pm
Free Entrance

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