Italy in motion: fotografie della mostra

I had the pleasure to attend the opening of the show “Italy in Motion“, curated by Chloe Chelz, at the Coral Gables Museum in Miami. The exhibition, that will go on till June 23rd, focuses on design and mobility, employing the overlapping themes of Style, Velocity and Identity. As objects of material culture, cars, motorcycles, scooters and bicycles as well as historical and contemporary photographs illustrate how the country’s design legacies have transcended function to become defining symbols of both industry and imagination.
I had some photographs of my project “Simulacra“, focusing on the “Identity” aspect:

Transition between an old and new Italy are witnessed in the photographs by Massimo Cristaldi, in which Sicilian streets are suddenly animated with the passing lights of an Automobile. Today when one considers the theme of design for transport and its specific connection to cultural identity, the connotation of quality persists, while at the same time, it is the brand legacy of many historic companies that continues to carry relevance and most clearly communicate the message “Made in Italy”.

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