Wrecked Dreams Lampedusa (2009)

Thousands of tourists flock every summer to the  island of Lampedusa off the coast of Sicily. They mostly come from the northern part of Europe of from Italy for the beaches, the turquoise waters and the cliffs.

But there is more happening in this small chalk plateau in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Flocks of immigrants (36.000 boat people between Feb 2008 and 2009), with the dream of peace and of a better life pictured in the eyes,  with desperation for escaping war, try to cross that wonderful sea with improvised boats of all kinds. A voyage of hope from the south (Libya and Africa) with a dream in their minds: give life a chance.

At the center of the island wrecked ships hulls are stacked high next to a chain link fence, along with rotting foam mattresses. Each vessel is marked with a date and initials indicating who rescued its passengers. Ships, physical means to reach a dream, end their life in this graveyard with all the signs and the wounds of an individual and collective tragedy just happened.

Edition of 5 +1 author’s proof / 100 cm – 40 inches on the shorter side
Archival Pigment Print

Open Edition / 40 cm – 18 inches on the shorter side
Archival Pigment Print

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