Touch Ground: Ali Baba

In 2013 alone, over 42,000 migrants braved the Mediterranean Sea in an attempt to reach Europe. Many ended up in Sicily and the surrounding islands. Thousands of these people have previously traveled this route and are still continuing to do so up to nowadays.

In “Touch Ground,” I photographed beaches, harbours, cliffs—the places where, in recent years, migrants have first reached the shores of Europe from North Africa.

I completed Touch Ground in 2014.

After almost ten years from “Touch Ground” nothing has changed.

Deaths at sea have risen and we looked elsewhere, failing to seriously face a reality that we should first accept and then, possibly, turn into an opportunity.

This is “Ali Baba”, a big boat stranded on the coast of Marzamemi (Sicily). It is not, yet, a wreck like many others.Around it are suitcases, jackets, lines. The sea will eat it slowly.Ali Baba and the 100 migrants.

In its “beauty”, enhanced by the sunset light, it almost seems to mock those who arrived with him at destination.

I hope these images can help us remember who didn’t make it and help who, strenuously, fleeing their country, is looking for a better life.

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