Terna Prize 03 – Finalists announced

Terna Prize 03, a prize for contemporary art in Italy, has yesterday announced the finalists.

The Terna Prize 03 is an awards competition (the “Terna Prize 03”) aimed at promoting contemporary artists and art in Italy and at enhancing the relationship between art and the business world.

I’m happy to announce that my work, Insulae 15, has been selected in the  Megawatt category.

The Subject of this year prize:
The subject of the Terna Prize 03 on which the artists are required to express their creativity is “(+150) Vision: Origin and Power. Energy through Generations”. The Prize celebrates the strength of the vision, of intuition and of creative and constructive thinking, the capability of projecting oneself and others into the future. Artists and the public are invited to reflect on the fundamental moment of the intuition, of the visionary idea, of the central moment originating a project, an event, the POWER end energy capable of transforming an idea into a fact over time. ENERGY transmission spreads, surpasses, substantiates and crosses generations, communities, people and history and becomes evolution, transformation, implementation. Reference to a number indicates a historical example of vision, that of our fathers, of a generation of Italians, those who in 1861 had sensed, originated and given energy to the Unification of Italy, whose 150th anniversary will be celebrated in 2011.

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