“S”, 12 June, 12 July 2014, Paris, France


DP S Imagineo_Page_01My work “Oculus Asini” is part of a nice collective show in Paris, at the Galerie Imagineo, 50 rue de Montreuil. Together with Vincent Bengold, Sabrina Biancuzzi, Hamid Blad, Philippe Brunier, Richard Caillot, Florence Cardenti, Jean-François Cholley, Jacques Cousin, Marie Docher, Michaël Duperrin, Jean-Rémi François, Caroline Gaume, Zaida Kersten, Franck Landron, Bénédicte Lassalle, Sandrine Lissac, Nathalie Louis, Christine Mathieu, Christophe Mauberret, Ingrid Milhaud, Nora Noor, Karine Pelgrims, Yannick Vigouroux and Karine Zibaut, the show, curated by Olivier Bourgoin, explores the concept of VERY SMALL photographs of various subjects and authors. The exhibition is in the frame of the larger MINIMENTA exhibition that collects 110 authors in 14 galleries.

The Press release is available for download here.

Some websites about the exhibition:






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