ODOCOLOR: One Day One Camera One Lens One Roll (of 12 photographs)


My 6003 pro with the old (in digital terms) Panny LX3.

After the first year of OCOLOY, culminated with two exhibitions and some Internet traction, I decided to put my small Ricoh GR aside and get out with a single roll of 12 photographs (Fuji Pro 160C) and my 20 years old big gun: the Rollei 6003 professional.

And, I should say, this is challenging: attempts of street photography with such a big beast, where you see trough a viewfinder that shows on the left what’s on the right, that announces every single shot to the whole street is really the quintessential opposite of being stealthy and unobtrusive.

But… It’s such a pleasure to use and, for me, looking trough the viewfinder is really looking at the final photograph, in a way that differs from any of the other cameras I normally use.

Photography is first in the act of doing it, and then all the rest. Is the moment it clicks that feels magic to me. And the tool used has, for me, a big influence on the results.

So which was the outcome of my single roll? Six keepers over 12 photographs, all taken in Catania at the historical fish market.



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