La Forza Delle Rovine, Roma, Palazzo Altemps, Oct. 7th 2015, Jan 31st 2016

Opening in Rome at Palazzo Altemps on October 7th, La Forza delle Rovine is an exhibition, curated by Marcello Barbanera and Alessandra Capodiferro focuses on the “Ruins” (see more below). Together with other artists I have in exhibition “Il Teatro di Consagra, Gibellina” from “Suspended”. The exhibit will run trough January 31st 2016.

Il Teatro di Consagra, Gibellina
Although In the popular imagination ruins are most commonly associated with archaeology, in an historical and Cultural perspective the theme of ruins covers a multiplicity of fields: literature, philosophy, the landscape, painting, the theory of conservation, architecture, urbanism, psychoanalysis, sociology and more. The exhibition is inspired by antiquity but does not intend Simply to present landscapes with ruins, nor to use an archaeological museum as a mere container for modern works in an a critical juxtaposition. The premise is that antiquity should never be self-referential, as If it held undeniable value, nor an empty Screen onto which to protect the Images and concepts of modernity. Rather, we believe that the remains of the ancient world can be valued if they lead us tp reflect on the present. As such the visitor to this exhibition should not come into immediate contact with what we might describe as ‘passive ruins’ the historicized and conventional evidence of a more or less distant past. Among other things ruins are often not entirely passive, but pose constant problems.
The initial contact should be with the ruins of the modern world, with disconcerting ruins. The idea to start from a contemporary event that has created ruins (the earthquake In L’Aquila?) and then continue with about ten sections organized by theme rather then date. Each section will host different materials and offers a diachronic vision of the theme tackled, sometimes starting from artifacts already in the museum. The idea is that the visitor should immediately grasp the subject, comparing with a recent experience, and then reflect on it from an historical point of view.

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