Florida, snapshots of a trip

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Last March I spent 10 days in Florida after the opening of a show in Miami. Together with my friend Leonardo we rented a couple of big, fat Harley Davidson and we went from Miami to Daytona Beach (it was bike week!), then to Clearwater, Tampa, Sarasota, Venice, Naples all the way down to the Everglades and  to Key West.

It wasn’t indeed, a photography oriented trip. I had with me only my trusty Fujifilm X100 (last trip before replacing it with the newer X100S), a small, very capable, camera, ideal for a motorbike trip. Hereafter some photographs of the trip. The rest are a set of  memories of a very nice piece of America, where light, colors, places and people are warm and full of life. You can click on each single photographs to see the full set on my main website.











Daytona Beach



Daytona Beach



Daytona Beach



Daytona Beach






Everglades City



Key Largo



Key West











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