Suspended: new photographs

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I’ve added new photographs, taken this summer, to “Suspended”, my always on photo project on a never changing Sicily. This was shot in the small Island of Portopalo, southern coast of Sicily, and represent the statue of Maria Santissima Scala …


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I was in Paris just before the tragic happenings of November 13th 2015. As usual a city full of life, of joy, and this is what this city is going to be forever, and nothing will ever change it. #ParisIsAboutLife.

Ocoloy, June 2015

Massimo Cristaldi Essays

My 8 OCOLOY photographs for June, with a touch of heat, are now online.

Ocoloy, March 2015

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After January and February here is the OCOLOY for March. I’m shooting 70 pics per week and select, printing, 8 of them per month. I’m using just a small Ricoh GR (28mm f/2.8) and process the photographs to polaroid look&feel.