A Men’s World (2006-2008)

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In every seasons, but only in small towns, Sicily squares are populated just by men. Men who shared experiences, lived, in some cases, through two wars, they still use squares as the center of their social life. They’re our grandfathers, our memories. This project is dedicated to them, to their simple and spontaneous gestures, their speeches, their lives. Something that is going to disappear forever: at the end, how many of us being now thirty years old, will sit together in a square in 2040?

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Le piazze della Sicilia, in qualunque stagione, ma ormai solo nei piccoli centri, sono appannaggio di soli uomini. Loro hanno condiviso esperienze, vissuto in alcuni casi due guerre, e usano ancora la piazza come CENTRO della socialita’. Loro sono un po’ i nostri nonni, le nostre memorie. Queste foto sono dedicate a loro, ai loro gesti semplici e spontanei, ai loro sguardi, ai loro discorsi. Un uso, un costume, destinato nel tempo a sparire: quanti di noi siederanno in piazza a parlare con gli amici tra 30 anni?


  • Edition of 5 +1 author’s proof / 150×100 cm – 60×40 inches
  • Edition of 10 + 1 author’s proof / 90×60 cm – 36×24 inches
  • Edition of 15 + 1 author’s proof / 60×40 cm – 24×15 inches

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