9th Floor – Jessica Dimmock

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Jessica Dimmock 9th Floor is one of the social photography projects I like the most. I saw it first time live in Milan back in 2007 (a good report in italian is available here). It is shocking document and now it is featured in MediaStorm. Worth a look. The Rationale is below:

In 2004, anywhere from 20 to 30 young addicts lived on the ninth floor of an elegant narrow building overlooking Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The squatters had turned the sprawling apartment into a dark, desperate and chaotic place.

People hustled, scored, shot and smoked wherever they could. Friends conned each other for their next hit. They slept on piles of clothes on the floor. The power was shut off; the bathroom unusable; the kitchen filled with garbage. Anything of value was sold off.

For nearly three years, Jessica Dimmock followed this crew documenting what happened to them after eviction, how they fought to get clean, sank deeper into addiction, went to jail, started families and struggled to survive.

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