British Journal of Photography

Il numero del 28 Gennaio del British Journal of Photography pubblica un breve reportage sulle fotografie che hanno vinto il Travel Photographer of the Year 2008. L’articolo, leggibile anche online, si intitola “Travel the world and make money doing it” e riporta un paragrafo su di me che considero particolarmente lusinghiero:

Best of the best?

With this in mind, it was interesting to look through the entries to the 2008 Travel Photographer of the Year. Many simply rehashed the same old travel images in vogue 10 years ago. Of more interest were the more contemporary efforts. I was particularly struck by the image of Ground Zero taken by Italian photographer, Massimo Cristaldi, which won the One Shot – Destination Anywhere category. It’s intriguing in its simplicity, yet haunting and serene. The fact that it’s not completely perfect technically really doesn’t matter because in one single image it captures the essence of a million articles written on Ground zero.


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