Sony RX1R II: the small wonder

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The Sony RX1R II represents the “normal” evolution for a photographer with an addiction for small cameras with great image quality. Over the course of the “digital” years, starting from 2008, I’ve followed my path towards the “small cameras” world. From the “venerable” Panasonic LX3, passing in 2011 to the Fuji X100 and , in 2013 to the X100s, coming …


Sony A7R, 35FE and Sigma DP3 Merrill: the nice pair

Massimo Cristaldi Cameras and accessories

UPDATE: this is not a “comparison”, focal lengths used are different: I wanted just to see if the two camera can be used fruitfully together without major issues in terms of image quality. Despite of all the voices “against” the Sony A7R (shutter slam, light leaking, confusing menu) the small Sony is a great camera, with a very good sensor. …


Sony A7R: perchè TUTTO è cambiato

Massimo Cristaldi Cameras and accessories

An English Version of this post is available here. Chi mi segue da qualche tempo su questo sito o su The Visual Experience sa quanto sia sempre stato un fautore di piccole macchine fotografiche dalle grandi capacità. A partire dai primi tentativi di Panasonic con la “veneranda” LX3, per passare successivamente a Fuji X100 e X100s, sono sempre stato attratto …