Ocoloy in Black

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After the first opening of OCOLOY in Catania @ Sikane HQ, the show has been moved to Corso Italia, @ Bonù, one of the most trendy Wind Bar in Catania. Feel free to get there for a drink and you’ll …


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I was in Paris just before the tragic happenings of November 13th 2015. As usual a city full of life, of joy, and this is what this city is going to be forever, and nothing will ever change it. #ParisIsAboutLife.

Ocoloy: The Show

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OCOLOY: the genesis and the results… So here is what we did: I brought into Sikanie the idea of a One Camera, One Lens, One Year project back in January this year. Not too much original, indeed, it’s a typical …

Ocoloy: the first show in Catania

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OCOLOY, One camera, One Year, One Lens, becomes a first group exhibition. Nine different authors, facing the challenge of using one single camera and lens for one year, and meeting every month to discuss about their ongoing effort, produced a …

Ocoloy, July 2015

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Some delay in publishing, as I am very busy with a number of different exhibitions and ongoing projects. These are my eight photographs for July 2015. Curiously, after five years, I found the same subject of one of my “Suspended” …