Suspended: “Gente di Fotografia”

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Gente di Fotografia, one of the most beautiful Italian magazines dedicated to Photography, features in this issue (nr. 67) my project Suspended. This is my second publication on the magazine, after “Simulacra“, featured in nr. 48. Gente di Fotografia is a 22 years old magazine, published four times a year, and is considered one of the most interesting publication focused on photography …

Cuba with two small cameras

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Cuba. A photographer’s dream. One of the most iconic and photographed places on earth. I was thinking to all this while buying the tickets, for me, my wife and Vittorio (our 4 years old toddler) to spend 3 weeks of december in La Isla Bonita. But I also knew that this could not have been a photographic trip only: I …

(Sic) Transit Cuba (2017)

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We are living in a time of accelerated change, I write in my Artist Statement. Cuba is one of those places where few things changed in the last decades. So where is the transition? How things will change in the future? One of the surprising aspects, for a visitor coming from the West, is the nearly total absence of street advertising. …

Touch Ground and Closer – Exhibition in Taranto

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Isolab Taranto, in collaborazione con Witness Journal, QR Photogallery e Coworking Ulmo presenta “Closer – Dentro il reportage”. Venerdì 3 Marzo 2017, alle ore 20 a Palazzo Ulmo, primo appuntamento con la mostra di Massimo Cristaldi “Touch Ground”. Oltre alle mostre di Closer saranno presentate le esposizioni di “Open Borders – sguardi migranti” e “Il mare intorno”. Le mostre saranno aperte da …

Touch Ground su Witness Journal

Massimo Cristaldi Published works

Il numero 85 di Witness Journal è dedicato agli autori selezionati per la mostra Closer che apre stasera a Bologna presso la QR Photogallery. Assieme ai lavori di Gaetano Fisicaro, Marco Panzetti, Camillo Pasquarelli, Gabriele Cecconi anche il mio Touch Ground. Il mio ultimo lavoro su Witness Journal era stato a Men’s World nel lontano 2008.  

Due South, Philadelphia

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Suspended has been selected by Marianne Bernstein as the body of work part of Due South. Due South is an international curatorial project conceived and curated by Marianne Bernstein, the second in a quartet of artistic investigations into volcanic islands: Due North (2014- Iceland), Due South (2017-Sicily), Due East, and Due West. Bernstein has worked for decades on temporary or …